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SUDOKU is a very popular puzzle game, easy to understand and challenging to solve. Our design allows an approach that is probably similar to the way you solve sudoku on paper. We let you write all possible numbers in each square, then use a "process of elimination" strategy to solve the puzzle.

The example to the left is a functioning puzzle. Click "New Game" to start a puzzle. If you need help, Click "Show Hints". A game board showing you how many of the squares have the correct numbers selected (black squares).

We invite you to visit this page at any time to play the puzzle. After you've tried it a few times, you're also welcome to install a copy of your own on your computer.

If you want to install this puzzle game on your computer (FREE!) just follow these instructions:
  1. Click "Install Now"
  2. "Would you like to open or save this file?" Click "Open"
  3. "Are you sure you want to install this application on your computer?" Click "Install"
  4. Click "Continue".
  5. You may see one more menu, asking if you will allow the program to install, Click "Yes".
Enjoy this fun and challenging puzzle!